Think – The Brief

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon American Traditions Collection special edition bottles highlighting PBR’s place in American holiday gatherings and traditions.

  • Capture what this tradition stands for in 30-45 seconds.

  • Media will be distributed via PBR’s digital and social channels.

Researching Pabst rich history of commercial work.

Feel – The Idea

  • Two groups of friends meet to watch an afternoon football game. To show PBR’s link to the history and tradition, one group of friends is firmly rooted in the past and the other firmly rooted in the present, but PBR’s heritage and tradition of togetherness unites both worlds.

  • Re-create a late 70s, early 80s sitcom set where these two groups of friends meet and watch a game.

Do – How we did it

  • Recreate the production methods used in the late 70s, early 80s as closely as possible.

  • Create a script true to the style of sitcoms from the era.

  • Bring the right cast together to give the script style and life.

  • Shoot the project to match the look and technology of the times

  • Build a 900 sq. ft. apartment set on Groovy Like a Movie’s soundstage on our soundstage

  • All props and set dressing had to be vintage and likely to be found in an apartment during the timeframe.

  • To subtly accentuate the differences between eras, all retro apartment interiors were shot using a 4:3 aspect ratio and all modern day exteriors were shot using a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

  • Framing movement for the interior retro shots were executed as they would have been in that era by using the lens’ zoom function.

  • Framing changes for the “current day” exterior shots were accomplished using prime lenses and camera movement for a more modern feel.

  • All footage came as RAW files from the RED Epic

  • Many footage samples from 70s and 80s sitcoms were studied to determine the color, saturation, and signal noise levels

  • DaVinci Resolve and Scratch were two of the main tools used to design the retro footage look

  • In the end, approximately 80 hrs. of post work was needed to get the entire spot ready to present

Color Ref

Outfit Ref


Telly Award for Commercial Set Design
Telly Award for Commercial Art Direction